Why does the competition have more followers than us?

How did Babl help a client from the automotive industry surpass the competition in terms of follower count?

Our client is a company active in the automotive industry. They are a traditionally big advertiser, but they are highly aware of the importance of public relations, as customers seek reliable, verified information provided by opinion leaders, especially journalists, and experts. This was the key reason why the company established its own profiles on social media platforms very early on. The communication team is small, so they must divide their time between traditional and social media, proactive communication, and responding to media requests for information.


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The competition has more followers on their official profiles compared to our client. The share of followers is disproportionately larger than the market share and the share of voice in traditional media.

After just one month of monitoring, our client realizes that the competition is much more active on their digital channels.


The communication team connects with Babl, and the process of solving the challenge begins:

  • Together with the client, they define the monitoring keywords (the selection includes 16 keywords, consisting of the names of the client's models and projects and the selected brands of the competition).
  • Together with the client, they determine the monitoring channels (they opt for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube since the client knows that the competition is most active there, and these channels are most relevant to customers).
  • The Babl team properly calibrates six different global and local tools for capturing the keywords.
  • Every day, a Babl analyst reviews the captured posts based on the keywords, of which they typically retain less than half (the rest are irrelevant posts as they are not related to the client or their brand, nor the competition; instead, they are expressions that are related or similar to the names of car models).
  • The Babl analyst compiles the refined posts into a clear report and sends it to three recipients as defined by the client, by the agreed-upon time.

The report is segmented for better visibility:

  • Posts are categorized by competing brands.
  • The report also includes the client's own posts for easier comparison.
  • The report includes advertisements from the competition.
  • Data on responses to both the client's and the competition's posts are provided.


After just one month of monitoring, our client realizes that the competition is much more active on their channels (during the monitoring period, they had a third more posts than our client). The variety of content is much greater for the competition (during the monitoring period, the client's posts were mostly promotional in nature, while the competition addressed three other topics: sustainable mobility, fuel efficiency, and driving silence).


The client adjusts their plan for publishing their own content and balances promotional content with other topics. The client modifies their social media advertising plan in terms of frequency and content.



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