Everyone is on social media - what about our brand?

How did Babl help a client from the alcoholic beverages industry establish communication on social media?

Our client is a company actively involved in the production of alcoholic beverages. They have strong brands and a high market share in their segment. Over the years, their communication and marketing team has established a very good system for monitoring traditional media. Until recently, this seemed sufficient, as most communication activities took place in traditional media. We can't blame them, as working with traditional media is clear and transparent, whereas the story is quite different on social media: changing rules, the anonymity of authors, and content dispersion... These are the key reasons why the communication team in this company did not systematically engage with social media.

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During board meetings, more and more people who are not digitally active are asking why their brands are not on Facebook and Instagram. Especially since competing brands are active there. And when one day someone mentions that even a company active in the B2B sphere is operating on Facebook, it becomes evident that something needs to change.

Social media is quite different from traditional media: changing rules, anonymity of authors, content dispersion...


The communication team connects with Babl, and the process of solving the challenge begins:

  • Together with the client, they define monitoring keywords (in addition to the brand name, there are several terms associated with consuming alcoholic beverages, a total of 7 different keywords).
  • Together with the client, they define the social media platforms for monitoring (the client wants to approach the challenge gradually, so they initially include Instagram and Facebook in the monitoring, with the possibility of expanding the scope later).
  • The Babl team ensures proper calibration of six different global and local tools for capturing keywords.
  • Every day, a Babl analyst examines the captured posts based on the keywords, of which less than a third are typically retained (everything else is irrelevant content that does not relate to the client and their brand, nor to the competition).
  • The Babl analyst compiles the refined posts into a comprehensive report and sends it to 8 recipients as defined by the client before the agreed-upon time.

The report includes:

  • the content of the post with the full text and photos,
  • the channel on which it appeared,
  • accompanying data (followers' reactions, number of likes, comments, and shares, if available).


After 14 days of monitoring, the Babl team and the client discuss the insights provided by the monitoring process. The following is revealed:

  • The brand's presence on social media is a significant surprise for the client, as it exceeds expectations. In terms of the share of posts, social media represents approximately one-fifth of all posts.
  • It is evident that product-related content predominates among social media posts, and it is possible to discern a pattern from the posts regarding the type of content that generates greater engagement from followers.
  • The client identifies potential informal ambassadors for their brands. Additionally, they realize that the individuals they sponsor are not overly active in posting about their brand.


With the help of this data and insights, the communication team is better prepared to address the board's questions regarding their presence on social media. They can develop a short-term posting plan despite not having a specialist for managing social media presence. They decide to strengthen the share of corporate information based on the insights and work purposefully with their sponsors to empower them for more active participation.



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