We launched a new campaign, what if the responses are negative?

How did Babl help a client from the media world neutralize responses and improve the content?

The client is a company operating in the world of video content production. They are extremely active on social networks as it allows for quick interventions, responses, and dialogue that content creators want to establish with their audience. Their shows have a weekly broadcasting schedule, and there is a lot of competition, so social media is the best way for the client to generate interest in future content. Through measuring responses and monitoring viewership, the client already knows that viewership is directly proportional to activity on social networks.

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The show has high viewership but also generates a lot of negative responses on social networks. The client is concerned that these negative comments might spill over to other content that otherwise lives a completely "separate life."

They want to know:

  • who is posting these comments,
  • with what frequency,
  • on which topics, and
  • what could be the reasons for the negative responses?

The client is worried that negative comments from one show might spill over to other content that otherwise lives a completely "separate life."


The client addressed this challenge by using Babl. The Babl team approached the challenge in the following steps:

  • Together with the client, they defined the monitoring key words (in addition to the show's name, they included the names of the main protagonists, a total of 4 different keywords).
  • Together with the client, they identified the social media platforms to monitor (Instagram and Facebook were included in the monitoring, where the promotional campaign for the mentioned video content is taking place).
  • The Babl team properly calibrates six different global and local tools for capturing the keywords.
  • Every day, a Babl analyst reviews the captured posts based on the keywords, of which they retain approximately one-third on average (due to personal names included in the monitoring, many posts are irrelevant, but it is important to include them in the initial capture for a comprehensive overview).
  • The Babl analyst compiles the refined posts into a comprehensive report and sends it to 8 recipients as defined by the client by the agreed-upon time.

The report is structured as follows:

  • Posts that could be critical due to their negative tone are visibly highlighted.
  • In addition Besides critical posts, the report includes other relevant posts as the client wants comprehensive information.
  • For each post, the social media platform where it appeared is indicated, and the responses (likes, comments, shares) if available. 


The client has immediate and comprehensive visibility into the responses. In the reports, they see that there are fewer than 10% negative posts, but these are highly critical. They also know that only three authors are creating negative posts, and they evidently have a very specific relationship with the content created. Additionally, they can see from the posts what elements in the shows have bothered the authors.


Based on the responses, the client's communication team suggests to the show's creators to remove the disturbing element in the next season, which they do. With the help of a SWOT analysis of the comments, the next season of the show also includes other content adjustments.



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