Do you know what is being said about you online?

Babl is a service that allows you to monitor the presence of yourself or your company online.

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How does Babl work?

Babl's experienced team will send you a clear report with insights every day. In a matter of minutes, you will find out what is being said about you or your brand online.

We capture

We capture all web content that matches the selected keyword.

We filter

We filter and remove irrelevant information from the captured data.

We make sense of it

You will receive refined mentions in the form of a clear report by email.

What can we offer you?

Online presence analysis

You can focus on your work while we monitor the web 24/7 and inform you about events you need to be aware of.

Track the visibility of your brand

We will send you a clear report daily - a list of posts with insights. With this, you will:

  • be better prepared for crisis situations,
  • know what others are saying about you,
  • gain insight into the context in which your brand is mentioned.

Example of brand presence report

Check what your competition is doing

What is your competition preparing, where are they ahead of you, and where are you leading the game? With Babl's reports, you will always be one step ahead, and most importantly, you will:

  • know what and where your competitors are posting,
  • detect potential threats promptly,
  • understand how they attract customers.

Example of how we analyze the competition

Monitor the response to your campaigns

With new knowledge, you can respond more quickly to events and situations being discussed online. What you gain:

  • real-time campaign performance overview,
  • the ability to respond promptly,
  • content for your promotional activities,
  • archive of visibility.

What does it look like in practice?

Take advantage of the combination of the best monitoring tools

Babl enhances its own knowledge with online tools that represent the global standard in this business, allowing:

  • comprehensive capture of web content,
  • tracking keywords,
  • understanding local and linguistic specifics.

What is the result in practice?

Babl = people

Technology alone is not enough to understand social interactions. That's why people - a team of seasoned experts in PR and social networks - are the core of Babl.

Our mission is to keep clients informed about what their target audience thinks of them.

We have already helped many to better understand what's happening, so why not you?

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How does the service work in practice?

Get comprehensive insights in three minutes

How to gain insights?

You are just three steps away from your first report.
You can see how the service works in practice on the link below:

  • define keywords,
  • trust us with your expectations, goals, desires, specifics,
  • define the list of report recipients.

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You will never know unless you try! Just a few clicks and 55 seconds are enough to get a first-hand experience completely free of charge and with no obligation.

We monitor the keywords "marketing" and "PR" for you. In addition to seeing what the daily reports look like, you may also get some useful information.

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Best practices examples

Reputable companies trust us, so why not let us help you, too?

Babl in practice

With the help of Babl, our subscribers are already:

  • better acquainted with the presence of their brand on social networks,
  • adjusting their messages and the frequency of their campaigns on the go,
  • directly communicating with followers regarding critical topics,
  • able to plan their future communication activities better.

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